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This manual can be used for any organisation, as you can amend it to suit you. 

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This video covers a very popular topic - how to establish value adding objectives and targets for QHSE Management. This is a 1 hour video and covers all areas related to this topic. The video discusses how to get the objectives and targets right, and the importance of having SMART Objectives. 


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We have created this video to help you structure your SMART goals to ensure they can align throughout your organisation. SMART goals are one of the most effective goal setting frameworks that your company could use. By aligning your SMART goals across your organisation, you can ensure the success of...

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SRM & Mango provide your with a sample SHEQ Manual aligned to the latest ISO Standards.
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Through many years of experience in implementing Quality Management System, Mango have created this step by step guideline on how to effectively implement a QMS based on ISO 9001:2015
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