ISO 45001 in 45 minutes - Clause 7 Support

13.10.20 11:28 AM Comment(s) By Nicholas Graham

How to support your OHS Management System

7.1. Resources


The organisation needs to consider current and future business needs such as people, budget, equipment, services and products. 


An organisation provides resources to:

- Establish

- Implement

- Maintain

- Continually improve the business and OHS Management System



7.2. Competency

 - Identify competence of the workers who affect the OHS

 - Ensure competence (qualification, education, training and experience)

 - Take action to acquire and maintain competence (through continual training)

 - Evaluate effectiveness of actions taken

 - Retain documents with evidence of training and competence


7.3. Awareness

 - OHS policy and OHS objectives

 - Contribution to effectiveness of OHS performance

 - Implications/consequences of non-conformance to low standards

 - Incidents and outcomes of investigations such as creating awareness in meetings.

 - Relevant OHS hazards and risks

 - Ability to exit unsafe work areas


7.4. Communication

Internal and external communication that support the effectiveness of the OHS Management System.

-  WHO


-  HOW



When communicating, we need to consider:

1. Gender, ethnicity, language and ability

2. Take into account legal requirements

3. Retain evidence where required


7.5. Documented Information

 - Documents required by the standard

 - Documents required by the organisation


Creating and updating 

- Identification

 - Format language, medium (paper or electronic)

 - Review and approval


Control of documented information

- Documents available when needed

- Protected (confidential and legible)

- Distribution

- Storage

- Control of changes

- Retention and disposition


Control documentation of external origin – SDS, equipment manuals



All clauses are directed at SUPPORTING the OHS Management system to achieve its intended outcomes


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