ISO 45001 in 45 Minutes - Clause 6: Planning

21.08.20 04:32 PM Comment(s) By Nicholas Graham

Clause 6 - Planning

ISO 45001:2018 Clause 6 Planning

Is considered by many to be one of the more difficult clauses to understand, due to the terminology used and what seems to be a disconnected flow of requirements. 

Clause 6 Covers:

  1. Clause 6.1.1 Risks and Opportunities
  2. Clause 6.1.2 Hazard identification and assessment of risks and opportunities
  3. Clause 6.1.3 Legal & Other requirements
  4. Clause 6.1.4 Planning Action
  5. Clause 6.2 Objectives and planning to achieve them

Clause 6 is probably the most complex clause within the standard.


The big idea is that we have already identified the internal, external risks and threats to the management system or its organization and its ability to achieve its intended outcomes.


6.1. Risks and opportunities

We take issues already identified and then assess risks so as to provide assurance that the management system can achieve its intended outcomes.


Key issues to consider

- Hazards

- OHS risks and other risks

- OHS opportunities and other opportunities

It is important to remember that OHS risks refers to human beings at risk, while other refers to threats to the management system or organization.



6.1.2 Operational Risk Assessment

This is the opportunity to improve working conditions and environment

- Identify hazards for all activities, products, services, substances, plant and equipment

- New focus on Psycho and social issues such as violence, bullying and intimidation

- Hazards and risks associated with design, installation and layout.

- OHS Risks and OHS Opportunities


6.1.3. Legal and other requirements

What you have identified in clause 4 is pulled into clause 6 and the information is used (from legal and other requirements) to help define operational controls.

- Identify all applicable legal and other requirements

- Make it available and keep it up to date


6.1.4. Planning

Although a new clause, this standard is saying ‘Stop and think before the action is taken’.

It’s a reminder to consider the hierarchy of controls before pulling any actions through to objectives and processes to control hazards and risks



6.2. Objectives

It’s important to remember the WHAT/WHEN/WHERE/HOW and WHO

Whether its targets, resources, dates, issues, responsible person, measurables, programmes, constraints and reports on status of objectives.


Join us for this video on Clause 6 and some of the tools and tip on how to meet the clause requirements


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