ISO 45001 in 45 Minutes - Clause 5 Leadership

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Clause 5 Leadership

Welcome, as we continue with our series -  ISO 45001 in 45 minutes. In this video we will focus on Clause 5 entitles Leadership. We will unpack the following Clauses:

  • Clause 5.1 Management Commitment
  • Clause 5.2 The OHS Policy 
  • Clause 5.3 Roles, Responsibilities and Authority
  • Clause 5.4 Worker Consultation & Participation
Watch the video for more information, and please feel free to contact us with questions. 

ISO 45001 in 45 minutes


Part 2: Clause 5 – Leadership


In this video we will look at how leadership demonstrates commitment, how they formulate and approve the Occupational Health and Safety policy and how they cascade roles and responsibilities throughout the organization. We will also be focusing on consultation and participation of the workforce.


Clause 5.1: Leadership Commitment

- Leaders are required to take accountability and responsibility for the OHS management system and its performance

- They must set direction, objectives and review performance

- They must ensure that OHS is integrated and its importance communicated to workers

- Provide resources (human, capital and infrastructure) to support, direct and protect workers

- Employers must implement a positive culture and climate

- Management needs to ensure that there are OHS committee meetings functioning within the business

- Management must ensure effective worker consultation and participation


Clause 5.2: Occupational Health and Safety Pollicy


This is the managements opportunity to define exactly what their commitments are to the health and safety management system.


Top management commitments 

- provide safe and healthy work conditions

- prevent work related injury and ill health

- fulfill legal and other requirements

- eliminate hazards and reduce OHS risks

- ensure continual improvement

- worker consultation and participation


The policy must be relevant and appropriate, correctly documented and communicated and available to workers.



Clause 5.3: Focuses on Organisational Roles, Responsibilities and Authorities


Roles and responsibilities must be communicated and available as documented information.


This is where management can assign responsibilities through a variety of different documents such as legal appointment letters, job descriptions, contracts and work instructions for lower level operators.



Clause 5.4: Worker Consultation and participation


This is a greater emphasis on 45001 and the key to ensure effective consultation and participation is the first part of clause 5.4 where the company must provide time, training and timely access to information.

Management must identify barriers and remove obstacles in terms consultation and participation.

In essence, an organization cannot hope to have an effective participation of workers if they are not providing understandable info, within a reasonable time frame and for workers to be able to apply their minds in which to get a suitable response.


Consultation is required around:

- OHS policy

- Need of interested and affected parties

- Assigned roles and responsibilities 

- Compliance

- Planning and objectives

- External providers

- OHS performance

- Audit programme

- Improvement


Partcipation is required around:

- How workers participate and consult

- Risks and opportunities

- Hazard elimination and reduction of risk

- Competency

- Communication

- Risk controls

- Investigations


The difference between consultation and participation:

Consultation is where workers are asked their opinion before management make their decision

Participation is where workers are actively involved in the decision making process.



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