SHEQ Compliance Software

All Your SHEQ Needs in One Integrated Solution

Accident & Incident Management Software for SHEQ Compliance

Many organisations experience many accidents and incidents. This is because they fail to put preventative measures in place. 

Mango's Accident/Incident Module communications with the improvement module to ensure root causes are identified and preventative actions are put in place.

SHEQ App for Management-on-the-

Mango makes compliance easily accessible. You can now access Mango on-the-go straight from your pocket.

Search for "Mango QHSE" and hit download. You can download our app for free from the App Store for iPhone or from Google Play for Android devices. 

Audit & Inspection Software for SHEQ Compliance

Audits can be seen as painful and time-consuming tasks.

With Mango, we make the process super efficient and value-adding.

Calendar for Your Tasks

One of the most common trends we come across are organisations forgetting to complete compliance tasks on time. 

Mango's Calendar Module ensures all to-do-tasks are visible on the calendar so nothing gets missed.  

Charts for SHEQ Compliance

It's important for businesses to identify trends. However, many do not have the adequate tools to do so.

Mango's Charts Module gives you the ability to display data from the Accident/incident Module so you can identify trends. 

Meet your Compliance Objectives

Many businesses experience uncertainty around whether or not they meet their legal compliance obligations. This is a serious risk for those who fail to comply. Directors of these companies face severe fines and potential jail time.

Dashboard Software for SHEQ Compliance

Mango's Dashboard shows an overview of what accidents/incidents, improvements, audits and risks assigned to you.

It let's you know whether an item is coming up, due or over-due. 

Document Management Software for SHEQ Compliance

Many organisations experience ineffective document management. Different versions of documents seem to be located in multiple places causing confusion among employees.

Mango's Documents Module ensures employees are using the most current version of a document.

eAssessments for Competent Employees

Many organisations suffer from inconsistent training among employees. This can create many issues in regards to product quality, the quality of services and how employees treat the environment and health and safety of the business.

Mango's eAssessment module gives you ability to consistently train employees so everyone is on the same page. 

Mango for Event Management

Chances are, your day is jam packed with multiple tasks and events on the go. It can be easy to forget certain events or to complete a task on time.

With Mango's Event Module, you can ensure important compliance activity is not forgotten.

Human Resource Software for SHEQ Compliance

It's important for organisations to keep track of their employees details such as skills, training and information regarding positions.

 Spreadsheets are the most common method of keeping track of all this. The problem with spreadsheets is that they become outdated and information becomes inaccurate.

Improvements & Non-Conformances Made Easy

Managing improvements and non-conformances can be a real challenge for businesses. Effectively maintaining their systems is an even bigger challenge. 

Delays in implementing actions and improvements is also very common. With Mango's Audit Inspection Module, these important tasks are never forgotten. 

Plant & Equipment Maintenance Software for SHEQ Compliance

Businesses need to maintain their plant and equipment for a number of reasons. Besides reducing risk exposure to employees, having  plant and equipment properly maintained means productivity is not affected, and costly repair bills and dissatisfied customers are easily avoided. 

Risk Management Software for SHEQ Compliance

Many organisations fail to effectively manage risk. Compliance programmes require businesses to make the processes for identifying, recording and controlling risk clear for all staff. 

With Mango's Risk Management Module, all of the above can be done. 

Supplier Management Software for SHEQ Compliance

By law, businesses are obliged to have information available on approved suppliers and sub-contractors.

Mango's Supplier Module keeps all necessary information on hand so you can view it anywhere, anytime. 

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