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Exceptional Software

Mango SHEQ compliance software is an integrated cloud-based solution suitable for those small and midsize businesses that are searching for a convenient way to manage their compliance requirements such as quality, health, safety and environmental. Mango will ensure that your specific SHEQ needs are met by supplying you with a solution that is tailored to your business.

Outstanding Support

Mango SHEQ Compliance Software is dedicated in providing our clients with exceptional service and support by going the extra mile to ensure that you are equipped with the tools you may need in order to manage your business, comfortably and with confidence.

Free Resources

At Mango, we are committed to sharing an abundance of supportive material to SHEQ compliance professionals at no extra cost. Don’t pay astronomical prices for manuals and training materials, simply join the Mango community and receive everything you require to manage risk and achieve compliance.

User Friendly

Effective and simple, Mango SHEQ Compliance Software is focused on delivering a service that is designed with you in mind, ensuring ease of use and accessibility. We believe that compliance is vital to a business but it shouldn’t have to be complicated and time consuming. Our software truly is SHEQ compliance made easy!

Mango In Action

Designed by industry specialists, Mango SHEQ Compliance Software ensures compliance based quality is effectively met without any hassles. Say goodbye to time-consuming and insufficient systems – Mango is the one integrated solution for all your compliance needs. Click below to watch the Mango video

Health & Safety Made Easy

There’s no business too small for Mango

No matter how much you know or who you are – no organisation is too small for Mango SHEQ Compliance Software. Mango can be pre-configured to supply you with an ‘out of the box’ solution that will significantly alleviate your health and safety stresses, directing you on the right track to effortless and continuous compliance. With strict legislation and greater employer responsibility, health and safety need to be top of mind but this doesn’t mean that it has to be complicated. Mango helps you understand and identify the risks that your company may face and devise proactive plans to halt incidents before they occur. Both small and midsize organisations can count on Mango to make health and safety a breeze.

All In One Compliance Management

Manage all of your organisation’s SHEQ compliance requirements

If you’ve dreamt of having all your SHEQ Programmes effortlessly working together as one, then Mango SHEQ Compliance Software will be a dream come true for you business. Not only does the Mango software tackle all your core compliance disciplines, it also caters for an all-in-one integration with multiple programmes you’re running across multiple sites. There is a simpler way to manage your compliance, and it’s called Mango


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